One Year Later…

The "After" photo.

The “After” photos…IMG_8841

With 50 pounds lost between the two of us, Jim and I feel better than ever. Last Fall, Thanksgiving weekend, we made a decision to try a nutritional plan which would prove to bring us renewed health and amazing energy.

When I look back at the photos posted on this blog at the time of its creation, I am shocked at the difference in just our faces!

We are so thankful to those who’ve chosen to join us in this quiet revolution. Gratefulness abounds toward Duncan Regional Hospital for their support and for their creation of the ReFresh Line in the dining room. The journey is made so much more fun and enjoyable by the company of all our friends, patients and colleagues!


One more exciting event occurred this Fall… Jim was awarded a Spirit of Advancing Wellness Award by the Oklahoma Hospital Association. That same day we traveled with two Halliburtons, containing 18 pair of pants, to Mo at The Ambassador Shop… For alterations!