That Mysterious Pot on the Back of the Stove.

It’s always there.
It has a formidable presence even when it’s empty.
It takes on a life of its’ own when full.

The Mysterious Pot on the Back of the Stove.

The Pot holds approximately 3 gallons. Since November, it is almost always rolling away, consistently churning out the richest, most luscious 4-day vegetable broth.

I love The Pot.

Learning to saute and to cook rice, lentils and beans with vegetable broth has been crucial in our success in this new lifestyle. Since this plant strong nutrition plan eliminates oils, I had to find a new ways to prepare foods that my family would not just tolerate, but truly enjoy. This method is so simple and is so healthful, boosting the flavor and the nutritive level on all our dishes.

Simply substitute it when you would normally measure out water for rice, lentils and beans.

If you are yearning for sautéed anything, use the broth and let it reduce all the way down as you cook. Your vegetables will then begin to get that crispy, seared quality similar to what you would have achieved from the oil you used to employ.

Dump a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs into Your Pot. Fill it with water. Bring it to a rolling boil, then turn it down to a nice energetic simmer. I leave it going day and night for 4 days (I turn it very low at night). Add water each night and each morning. After Day One you can ladle right from the pot during the process. It gets richer with each passing day. Strain the broth and refrigerate. I like it in old wine or mineral water bottles. The proportion seems right for most of our needs.

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