Our Little Revolution!

Duncan Regional Hospital Foundation recently hosted our annual Ladies’ Luncheon, which raises funds for the Foundation. This worthy cause provides mammograms for women who otherwise are unable to afford one, nursing scholarships, and very expensive medical equipment, such as infant warmers or diabetes monitors, for our community. Each year a celebrity speaker is featured at the luncheon. It is an entertaining time for all and so much good is done by the women who support this cause by their purchase of tickets and their attendance. We are so grateful for citizens who give and band together to accomplish high goals.

What does this have to do with Our Little Revolution?

Rip Esselstyn was informed of the plant based nutrition movement in Duncan. He was so pleased with what is happening here, especially with DRH and many local physicians supporting it, that he agreed to come! He worked us in between other conferences in Hawaii, OKC Whole Foods and an event in Tucson! 

More than 300 women were treated to a non-fat, vegan lunch and heard our Plant Strong Message! They learned that even if they partially follow these lifestyle principles, they will be improving their health. Drawings were held to award prizes offered by local physicians and medical organizations who helped host the event. 

DRH Foundation also hosted a free public screening of Forks Over Knives that night, with Rip staying very late to do a Q and A session! Local grocery stores… Homeland, Goodners, and OKC Whole Foods hosted food baskets and gift cards. We also had drawings for VAP Profiles, a detailed cholesterol test. My husband looked at the crowd that evening and was delighted to see many other physicians and several of his patients in attendance.

These events have propelled the 100,000 Pounds Revolution to a new level. It is growing again. And I see a firmer rooting of community among people who are adopting this new lifestyle. In supporting one another, we are seeing a renewed commitment and joy taken in the good steps we have made to take back our health. 

My profound thanks to all who helped make this amazing event happen!

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