Eating Out…

One of the discussions we have most often with those who are new to this nutrition plan is centered on the challenge of eating out. The two books we are using for education, reference and recipes, Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease, by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, MD and The Engine 2 Diet, by Rip Esselstyn, are indispensable resources for how to make this lifestyle work in a practical manner. The websites for both of these men also have a wealth of advice. We’ve successfully used many suggestions out of their experiences and won’t try to reiterate here.

We are sending lunches from home quite often. However, I did think it might be useful to share which restaurants have items on their menus which are “Esselstyn-safe”. My three current favorites are:

Kyoto Sushi: Vegetarian Sushi (though they do not yet have brown rice, we’re hopeful), Miso Soup, Edamame. Their green tea is lovely, too.

The Smythe House: Veggie Delight Salad (minus cheese) and Baked Potato (minus all but the fresh chives). This is the best salad I’ve eaten out in a long time…very fresh and a great combination of vegetables. Note: The scoop of guacamole is legal with E2, but not for heart patients.

Duncan Regional Hospital, Atrium Cafe: I know what you’re thinking, but our young Chef is really outstanding and has produced some dishes which are at the top of our list. So, check out the Re:Fresh food station. They always include E-safe items. and monthly menus are posted on their website. Additionally, the Director of Food Services, Jimmy Fetters, has priced the vegetarian and vegan items below the rest of the menu to encourage diners to try these new plates!

Do support our local merchants and feel free to share any other local restaurants you are frequenting which have approved foods!

4 thoughts on “Eating Out…

  1. Salad is so wonderful because you can make it to your own taste – so when you have a family of four – you can make four different yet delicious salad!

    • Diana,
      While it is true these two restaurants are happy to make a vegetarian sandwich, the bread they use is not whole grain and oil free. As with most franchised eating establishments, you can check out the ingredients of their products online.

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